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We appreciate all those that have come to the Willow Tree program. We invite you to hear directly from them about their experience.

I could never say enough positive things about WTR. They truly helped me so much in my life and I am so thankful. I especially love how small and tight knit they are there, you feel like you are getting very personalized treatment and aren't just a number. The facility is beautiful, food was always good and the therapists are amazing. I absolutely owe so much to these guys and their program. Thank you WTR, Jeff and Jake especially!

M Lynn

Still sober after a year! Staff were knowable, professional and caring. There seemed to be such passion for recovery here that I just soaked it in. I learned techniques I sill use on a daily basis to help keep me sober and other's in my "class" have also stayed sober.

Coco M

I can't say enough good about Willow Tree. Making the decision to go saved my life! The line staff is unbelievably caring and attentive. The therapy staff is so invested in your success. And the owners are present, always placing your care and your life well before profits. The facility is clean, beautiful and feels like home. I mostly appreciated the fact that the groups are small. You receive one-on-one attention and never feel "lost in the shuffle" like I can imagine one would if they went to a place with more people. I made friendships with my peers while there that will last a lifetime. If you, or someone you know, struggles with addiction and is looking for the absolute BEST place to start your journey of recovery, Willow Tree is quite literally the only place you need to go.

M Cook

Willow Tree Recovery saved my life. I can not begin to list everything that is so incredible about this facility, there are too many! I went into treatment a broken, spiritually bankrupt addict. I left treatment loving myself and with no desire to use. Every single employee there, from the line staff to the therapist to the owners all genuinely care about everyone achieving sobriety and teach you tools to manage your recovery in the real world. Jeff Forsyth worked with me as my therapist and truly got me through some of the most difficult trauma and extremely difficult life choices in treatment. I would send anyone in my family here, they transformed me! THANK YOU WILLOW TREE!!!!

J Christiansen

I am so thankful for all staff, therapists, and my peers for creating a safe place for me to be vulnerable and learn coping skills with my disease. Because of WTR, I am finding myself at peace and learning how to be okay and to always do my best.

R Sombrero

I can't say enough good things about Willow Tree. This facility truly changed my life. I had struggled with opiate dependence for years and didn't know how to get myself out of the vicious cycle. A friend of mine introduced me to the owner of Willow Tree - Jake. Jake was very patient with my questions and even allowed me to check out the facility. After a few more months went by I finally decided that I wanted to get help. I entered Willow Tree in January of 2014 and have been sober ever since. The staff and curriculum were just what I needed to change my life. Willow Tree was the perfect place to focus on recovery and heal. I would recommend Willow Tree to anyone who is ready to address their substance abuse problems and learn how to live a sober life. If they can help me, they can help anyone.

P Seed

The time I spent at Willow Tree Recovery Center was one of the major turning points in my life, and I have been all the better because of it. Not all in-patient addiction recovery centers are created equal and here is what I think makes Willow Tree stand out:

Friendly and Compassionate Staff, Management, and Therapists. I felt very welcomed and loved by everyone who worked at Willow Tree Recovery Center. Everyone on the Willow Tree team wants to see their clients recover, and that is a priceless quality.

Multiple Treatment Approaches. Instead of subjecting all patients to a rudimentary treatment schedule, the care is tailored to each individual patient. Do you have PTSD? They have trained psychologists to help you with that. Do you have anxiety or depression? DBT skill training sessions are available for all clients struggling with this. It is not just a 12 step recovery center. The goal at Willow Tree seems to be to offer as many therapeutic remedies as possible so that clients have the best possible chance to succeed in recovery.

Activities and Family Involvement. Willow Tree puts an emphasis on learning to enjoy life in sobriety and they take clients on many fun activities so that clients can feel happiness again without the need for substance abuse. Also, Willow Tree sees addiction as a disease that effects the whole family, and they do a great job helping family members of clients heal by providing a family night every week.

Intimate Setting. Many of the other big-name treatment centers in Utah Valley have a tendency to try to take in as many clients as possible to keep revenues high. Willow Tree has nearly 1 staff member for every 1 client, and only takes in between 10-14 clients at any given time. Each therapist has only 2-3 clients that they work with, so you can be certain that your care is personalized. At Willow Tree, you never have to catch your therapist back up to speed. Their job is to take care of you and maybe 1 or 2 other people, so you are really being case studied better than other treatment centers in the valley.

I would recommend Willow Tree over any other treatment center in the surrounding area. Their quality of care is unmatched and you leave feeling as if you are part of a family. They do their best to prepare each client for success upon departure and they take care of their clients long after they leave by providing free aftercare counseling once a week for alumni.

If you or a family member is struggling with addiction then look no further than Willow Tree Recovery Center. If you truly want help, they will give you the best help available.

J Eady

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