Our Recovery Programs

Willow Tree Recovery understands the complexities of trauma and how it correlates with addiction. We are dedicated to help individuals heal from the emotional wounds of their past. Upon admission to the program, all residents undergo a thorough assessment which identifies traumatic experiences and corresponding unhealthy coping patterns. We create a safe space where residents can feel supported to work through their pain. All of the therapists at Willow Tree Recovery are trained in various approaches in treating trauma, including EMDR therapy. As a trauma responsive program, we believe there is hope for people to find peace and healing in their lives.

Family Involvement

Family Weekend is a two day series of meetings comprised of speakers, educational pieces, open discussion and group therapy. Family Weekend is held on a Friday and Saturday on a monthly basis. The personal involvement of family and loved ones is an essential and extremely important component in the recovery process. Monthly, on two consecutively specified days, adult family members are encouraged to join with their loved one and participate in "Family Weekend." Family Weekend provides an educational and therapeutic setting to interact with the resident. The knowledge and experience gained by family and loved ones strengthens the support group after discharge and substantially compliments the likelihood of pro-longed sobriety. Make Family Weekend your utmost priority during your loved one’s length of stay. Every effort should be made to participate in this very important aspect of treatment. For those loved ones that may be unable to participate in Family Weekend there may be opportunities for family phone therapy sessions during the course of treatment.

Our Philosophy

At Willow Tree there are no moral judgments regarding addiction. At some point there may have been some poor decisions, however when one reaches the residential level of care it is substantially beyond a poor choice. It is no more and no less than a serious disease and needs to be treated as such. We do not believe there is a "one size fits all" approach to treatment. Everyone has their own unique personal history from childhood through adolescence and into adulthood. Substance addiction is an element of personal history; therefore treatment should be individualized to the resident.

The Gold Standard of Care

Willow Tree is a "Joint Commission" accredited facility, the most prestigious recognition obtainable for healthcare providers. "With Joint Commission accreditation we are making a significant investment in quality of care from the top down. Achieving this standard of excellence provides Willow Tree a framework in maintaining the 'Gold Standard' in healthcare delivery."
– Jacob Forsyth, Administrative Director


At Willow Tree we believe that every individual who suffers from substance addiction has value and unlimited potential. By breaking the cycle of addiction and maintaining pro-longed sobriety an individual can literally be set free to pursue a fulfilling and productive life without being bound by the restrictive chains of addiction.

The reason(s) individuals commence drinking or using drugs are varied. It could be as simple as a bad choice that evolved into an uncontrollable addiction. However, it likely is more complex, usually starting as a result of stressful family or personal relationships, career or employment demands, financial pressure or other stress or pain related issues. It gradually became difficult to get through the day without alcohol or drugs to make life bearable. What at one point seemed to be the solution is now the problem. One transitions from a casual drinker or user into a confirmed addict consumed with pursuing self-destructive behavior. The definition of addiction is realized when an individual consumes alcohol and or drugs at levels that interfere with physical and mental health, social and family life and employment responsibilities. At this moment in time the line is crossed from being a "social drinker" or recreational "user" to a confirmed addict, when it becomes impossible to live without mind altering substances.

A well balanced and intensive treatment curriculum is essential for successful long term recovery. Our residential treatment program includes comprehensive clinical assessments, group therapy, extensive individual counseling, family counseling, addiction centered education and relapse prevention. Both Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy are also emphasized and incorporated into individualized treatment plans. Residents will also participate in a variety of supplemental treatment techniques such as daily exercise therapy, (at a local gym), yoga, meditation therapy, nature therapy, art therapy, wall climbing, ropes course and others.

The methods for overcoming addiction are just as unique as the individual. There is no single or mystical solution to the problem. The answer to breaking the addictive cycle is discovering the unique conditions that "trigger" the alcoholic/addict to use drinking or drugs as a means of coping with the daily stress related aspects of life. At Willow Tree we understand the unique and individual nature of recovery and tailor treatment to the needs and circumstances of each individual resident.

Treatment begins with a thorough medical and psychological evaluation in order to create an individualized treatment plan. The resident is then assigned to a licensed professional therapist who will work directly with them throughout their length of stay.

We believe in the "team approach" to recovery. The Treatment Team; comprised of the Medical Director, Clinical Director, Administrative Director and other key staff members. The Treatment Team meets on a regular basis to assess individual progress and recommend adjustments to individualized treatment plans if necessary.

Discharge planning commences on the first day of treatment. Discharge from Willow Tree represents a beginning not an end. Pro-longed recovery is dependent on a self-disciplined approach to continuing care. Residents who successfully complete the program are entitled to lifetime aftercare.

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