The Willow Tree Recovery Facility

Our Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Utah

Willow Tree Recovery provides a private residential setting for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Intensive treatment in a residential environment has proven to be a very successful method for the treatment of substance dependence and addictive disorders. Willow Tree is a 16 client, adult, mixed gender facility specifically licensed for the treatment of drug and alcohol dependence and co-occuring mental health disorders (dual diagnosis). In-patient treatment allows an individual the opportunity to place their life in someone else’s care, at least for a period of time. Our facility provides a safe environment where clients will be in the presence of others experiencing similar consequences of addiction.

Beautiful Setting

Set in the beautiful Utah Valley against the mountains, Willow Tree Recovery offers the perfect setting for a peaceful recovery process.

Comfortable and Peaceful

Comfort, serenity, and confidentiality are principal components of successful residential treatment. Willow Tree is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Central Utah. Willow Tree offers a unique setting for those seeking relief from the devastating consequences of alcohol and drug addiction. Most residential treatment facilities are remodeled personal homes. Willow Tree is somewhat unique in that it is a new facility specifically designed and constructed to accommodate a small mixed gender community in a serene, private and confidential setting. Many facilities, especially large national and regional treatment centers, provide an adequate but institutionalized environment. We believe that residential should mean "residential". In essence, Willow Tree feels like home.

Purpose Built Facility

Our beautiful facility was designed and built specifically for residential treatment. Every aspect of the facility has been included for the treatment and comfort of our guests. A better healing environment can make a significant difference in the efficacy of the treatment program.

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