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The quality and experience of Willow Tree's professional staff is second to none. The clinical team has in excess of 100 years collective therapeutic and medical experience anchored by a seasoned Clinical Director and Medical Director with a psychiatric specialty. Willow Tree has also achieved “Joint Commission” accreditation, the most prestigious recognition obtainable for healthcare providers. At Willow Tree we believe that discharge planning starts on the day of admission. During the course of treatment residents will develop a personalized discharge plan specifically designed for the unique circumstances of each resident. The plan will thoroughly address relapse prevention, outpatient recommendations and transitional living options. Substantial emphasis is placed on the Aftercare component of discharge planning. Lifetime weekly Aftercare is available to all residents who successfully complete their program.

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The Gold Standard of Care

Willow Tree is a "Joint Commission" accredited facility, the most prestigious recognition obtainable for healthcare providers. "With Joint Commission accreditation we are making a significant investment in quality of care from the top down. Achieving this standard of excellence provides Willow Tree a framework in maintaining the 'Gold Standard' in healthcare delivery."
– Jacob Forsyth, Administrative Director

Comfortable Accommodations

Comfort, serenity, and confidentiality are principal components of successful residential treatment. Willow Tree is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Central Utah. Willow Tree offers a unique setting for those seeking relief from the devastating consequences of alcohol and drug addiction. Most residential treatment facilities are remodeled personal homes. Willow Tree is somewhat unique in that it is a new facility specifically designed and constructed to accommodate a small mixed gender community in a serene, private and confidential setting. Many facilities, especially large national and regional treatment centers, provide an adequate but institutionalized environment. We believe that residential should mean “residential”. In essence, Willow Tree feels like home.

Successful, Lasting Results.

A well balanced and intensive treatment curriculum is essential for successful long term recovery. Our residential treatment program includes comprehensive clinical assessments, group therapy, extensive individual counseling, family counseling, addiction centered education and relapse prevention. The methods for overcoming addiction are just as unique as the individual. There is no single or mystical solution to the problem. The answer to breaking the addictive cycle is discovering the unique conditions that “trigger” the alcoholic/addict to use drinking or drugs as a means of coping with the daily stress related aspects of life. At Willow Tree we understand the unique and individual nature of recovery and tailor treatment to the needs and circumstances of each individual resident.

Your Long Term Recovery is Our Measure of Success

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